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Mailorder Closed for 2014

We have had extra-heavy demand for our roses this year and as a result, we have SHUT DOWN WEBSITE PURCHASES for the remainder of the year. You are welcome to browse the website to see what we offer, but any purchases for the rest of 2014 must be made at the nursery. We regret the inconvenience. We invite you to come see us at the nursery, where we still have lots of inventory of roses, including roses in 3 gallon pots plus shrubs, clematis and perennials. You will be able to order from the website starting next January (shipping will resume next April)!


The American Rose Society

Founded in 1892, the American Rose Society is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to the cultivation and enjoyment of roses. The American Rose Society is a national organization with over 15,000 members. The ARS has many articles on roses and rose care and you can contact a local rose society in your area to meet with others interested in roses near you.

The Spokane Rose Society

The Spokane Rose Society has local events to learn more about caring for roses in Spokane Washington which is USDA zone 5 and 6. They also have growing information and helpful hints on their web site.

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