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Place your order for the 2015 season! Have a Merry Christmas

Beverly Hybrid Tea from Kordes

Our 2015 catalog is ready to view and print on the website or you can request a copy to be mailed. 

We have many new varieties of roses for the 2015 season. We are expanding our selection of Kordes Roses, which means we will have many of the brand new varieties.  New additions from Weeks and Star, and for the first time we will have several varieties of Easy Elegance selections (from Ping Lim). Hardy roses bred for the Minnesota climate. 

We have also added to our David Austin selection, these will be in larger sizes, shipping Bare-Root in March and later at the nursery in 3 gallon pots. Also a great selection of clematis, hydrangea and special, hard-to-find perennials.We have the best selection of high quality arbors, trellis and obelisks. Coming in spring we have a new company that will be providing our statuary. New benches, pots, large faces for the garden and some interesting concrete items for your landscaping. 

If you are ordering David Austin Bare-Root Roses (no soil on the roots) please make a note in the remarks section of the  order form what Monday in March you would like your Bare-Root roses shipped. If you are ordering our roses in the 1 quart pot (our regular size pot) those will not be ready to begin shipping until April. Please make a separate order if you are ordering the David Austin Bare-Root Roses.  

Don't forget Gift Certificates are an excellent way to purchase roses for that special someone.

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Northland Rosarium Gift Cottage

We mix our own custom fertilizer and carry a wide range of products for roses. We also carry Garden and Bloome compost and Dr Earth products as we know by experience compost is a ;necessary addition to improve soils and get roses off to a good start.

Pruners, clippers, gloves, and all kinds of ideas to tie up your climbing roses are available in our gift cottage along with fun decorative items for your garden and home. You will find garden trellises, arbors, pots and creative ways to grow your climbing roses and clematis.

In addition to tools and accessories, you will find many of the companion plants we love to grow with our roses; Hydrangea, Hardy Geraniums, Boxwood, Clematis, Delphiniums and many other types of partner plants.

Fall at the Rosarium

Scabrosa this fall showing wonderful crab apple sized hips

Going Green in 2015

Like many other environmentally conscious businesses today, Northland Rosarium strives to grow plants in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We also want to treat our customers the same way by offering paperless options through our new and improved website. Our on-going "Going Green in 2015" brings many green changes to our efforts to live environmentally friendly. Every season we will upload our latest "print" catalog with seasonal inventory, additional helpful plant information and growing tips. You can download and view and/or print this catalog by clicking on the above link. Please be patient while the large file downloads. Important to note, the website will have the most up-to-date availability.

YES, due to customer request we do have a new 2015 catalog to mail out. Just drop us an email, give us your name and address and we will send out a 2015 catalog.