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Visit the nursery and display garden. Take a trip off the beaten path and let the adventure begin...

Rosa Deja Blu

The nursery is open until July 30th. We are closed for the season after that until we open in April of 2017. 
We have some exciting changes for next season. Stay tuned for sale roses that can be ordered and shipped online. 

Weekly Hours: 
Monday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 
Sunday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

End of Season Sale!
Last day of the season is Saturday July 30th

Clematis 50% off
Perennials 50% off
3-gallon Roses 50% off (excluding Austin Roses)
Shrubs 30% off

Additional Sale Roses until July 30, 2016

Jilly Jewell

We will be offering these Miniature roses and Mini-Flora roses at half price until we close on July 30th. You may order them online for our shipping customers. If you are a local shopper you will need to come to the nursery to pick up before we close. 
You may order one or as many as you would like. Selections are limited quanities.  Each selection $8.50.

Cutie Pie
Deja Blu
Double Take
Jilly Jewell
Sweet Diana

Weekly Rose Special!

Winner's Circle


Each week we are offering half price on a particular rose. The sale price begins Monday until Sunday or until sold out. 

The rose special for the week of July 18 - 24 is "Winner's Circle" for $8.50. Order online! We will ship the rose to you the Monday following your order and normal shipping charges apply. If you are a local shopper please come to the nursery during the week of the sale to purchase the rose.  We are no longer taking online orders for local pickup. 

Ciscoe Morris writes about Kordes Roses

Sunny Sky Rose

Ciscoe Morris, beloved garden personality from Seattle, Washington, writes about the great features of Kordes Roses. We like the Kordes Roses also and have many of their varieties this season. Check out the new Kordes tab under Rose Classification to see the new varieties. 

Place your order for the 2017 season!

Dark Desire

Northland Rosarium is a TOP 5 company on DavesGarden.com for second consecutive year.

Don't forget Gift Certificates are an excellent way to purchase roses for that special someone.

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Northland Rosarium Gift Cottage

We mix our own custom fertilizer and carry a wide range of products for roses. We also carry Garden and Bloome compost and Dr Earth products as we know by experience compost is a ;necessary addition to improve soils and get roses off to a good start.

Pruners, clippers, gloves, and all kinds of ideas to tie up your climbing roses are available in our gift cottage along with fun decorative items for your garden and home. You will find garden trellises, arbors, pots and creative ways to grow your climbing roses and clematis.

In addition to tools and accessories, you will find many of the companion plants we love to grow with our roses; Hydrangea, Hardy Geraniums, Boxwood, Clematis, Delphiniums and many other types of partner plants.

Going Green in 2016

Like many other environmentally conscious businesses today, Northland Rosarium strives to grow plants in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We also want to treat our customers the same way by offering paperless options through our new and improved website. Our on-going "Going Green in 2016" brings many green changes to our efforts to live environmentally friendly. Every season we will upload our latest "print" catalog with seasonal inventory, additional helpful plant information and growing tips. You can download and view and/or print this catalog by clicking here; please be patient while the large file downloads. Important to note, the website will have the most up-to-date availability.

Yes, due to customer request we do have a new 2016 catalog to mail out. Just drop us an email, give us your name and address and we will send out a 2016 catalog.